Diversity in Travel

Diversity in Travel

Diversity and traveling

The tourism industry covers around 10% of the world’s employment and it’s a very important part of the global economy. That means it’s the perfect industry to become a beacon of diversity. More and more people from all over the world are dealing with racism and gender equality problems, which is unfortunate because we are all the same and we shouldn’t neglect one another. But things like race, place of birth and even our looks are judged all the time.


The travel industry needs diversity

That’s why many industries, including the travel industry, need to find a way to help people express themselves and feel that much-needed freedom. We don’t need to study each other and find downsides, what we must do is to work together to save our planet and enjoy our lives. We are very similar to one another, and simple things like skin color shouldn’t really be a problem.


Thankfully, a lot of people in the travel industry get that. This is a great industry in this regard, because it has to deal with people from all over the globe. You can have Asian, South American, African tourists and so on. But the services are always the same, regardless of how that person looks or where they come from. That’s why the travel industry is becoming a beacon of hope in the world. Most if not all travel businesses understand that customers can arise from anywhere, and they always create packages to fulfill their needs.

Travel businesses need to provide diverse, professional packages for tourists

While the focus is certainly on customizing the experience and making it as appealing as possible, it’s also about high quality, professionalism and just pushing those boundaries to the next level to make everything work adequately.

Not all travel brands promote diversity, but they need to start doing that, as it will help customers feel better and that will lead to better services and high-quality results. There needs to be more diversity on social media with the ads and promotions. And yes, traditional media diversity also needs to be promoted. And then we have travel programs and events that also have to focus on diversity and just delivering the best possible value. Even travel influencers need to promote a sense of value, diversity and show that all people can be happy.

The travel industry is maybe the best example where you can start with a clear sense of diversity, community and just embracing others. The new generation is certainly important as they are setting the tone with things to do and how everything can be embraced in a more positive and happy way. Nothing is impossible and we have the opportunity to address it.

Closing thoughts

But that means actually trying to do some changes. We need to start embracing the fact that people are not that different from one another. We are powerful in our own right and things like looks or race shouldn’t discriminate any of us. Once we understand that, we need to act on it and respect as well as treat everyone equally. Traveling allows us to do that, since we can go to locations where we can act on our diversity. Dress the part from companies like unifyapparel.com and show how dedicated you are to diversity as you travel. You need to do your part, and others will surely follow.

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I enjoyed reading your blog I must say the topics were awesome and very interesting, which I truly enjoyed reading!!! I must say it was very informative and I agree with you in the fact travel agencies needs to provide diverse professional packages for tourist. Strongest message received is bringing awareness to the fact we are not that different from one another & “You need to do your part and others will surely follow.”

Sabrina Meryl

I haven’t been outside of the country. This is so inspirational. I’m going to buy some gear and work on my dream of backpacking through the orient.


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