about us

There is a common thread among us. That thread is our necessities: food, shelter, clothing, and a sense of belonging. However, one necessity we tend to ignore is our need for love. Love always brings us back to each other. Love has been progressively the most enjoyable way to experience life. Love is caring about our fellow human beings. Perhaps what we all need is peace, love and a commitment to unify. 

 At Unify Apparel LLC., our core message of “peace, love, and unify” was created to encompass the change the world may not know it needs. We have selected premium and comfortable apparel to help us spread this message. After extensive research, Unify Apparel LLC. realized a fashionable way to get their message into your hands. Our designs are created to show connection, strength and uniqueness.

One way we have decided to show up and lead with our core message, is to print 
the simple yet so impactful word “UNIFY” on our apparel.

  • To unify means to encourage uniqueness and embrace diversity.
  • To unify means to embrace beliefs that are different from our own.
  • To unify is to inspire people to smile more and look within for what makes them happy.
  • To unify is to create long lasting connections with others through new world experiences.
We are obsessively passionate about uniting people and our mission is to help people achieve this goal. Our excellent customer service is just the added bonus. Unify Apparel LLC., understands that we are all at the intersection of vast identities and may be from distinct cultures. We recognize that everyone wants a place to belong and over time we hope that Unify will become that place. Uniting the people without judgement, regardless of religion, sexuality, politics, or ethnicity are the reasons we exist. We are a brand that exudes positivity and encourages people to be themselves while clothing them in the most comfortable apparel. Our goal is to remind us all to approach our days with an optimistic, positive, and refreshed outlook. We believe that positive change truly starts with within ourselves, one person at a time, spreading this message of “Unify."